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a picture of the spine, skull and handOsteopathy is a fascinating and effective method, which dates back to the late 1800’s. Andrew Taylor Still is the physician credited for the creation of Osteopathy and founded the first school in Kirksville, USA.

We are passionate about natural methods of healing such as Osteopathy and would like to share some interesting and helpful information about the practice.

If you are considering having Osteopathic treatment then we hope we can provide you with a little insight. You may also wish to call a local Osteopath in your area to have a chat about how the treatment may be able to help you specifically.

Always make sure that you go to a fully qualified and registered Osteopath for your treatment. If you don’t know of an Osteopath and none of your friends can recommend a good one to you, then a good place to search for a practitioner is the General Osteopathic Council. You can search their register here.

Thank you for visiting us her at osteopathic-ctr-4child.org and we hope you will find our website interesting and helpful.